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Accent Confidential Investigation Pvt. Ltd. is Private Detective in Mumbai or a Private Investigation Company in Mumbai founded by Shailesh Manjrekar in the year 2005. For the past decade ACI has been synonymous with innovative,world-class and result-oriented Detective in Mumbai, private investigative services in Mumbai. It specialises in both Private and Corporate Investigations and Surveillance.

Its experienced team of highly qualified Investigative Consultants treat each individual assignment with utmost discretion,confidentiality and meticulous attention to details.Also known as Private Detective in Mumbai or Detective Agency in Mumbai, ACI provides a vast range of fast,professional and affordable investigative services.

Detective in Mumbai - Guided completely by its founder Shailesh Manjrekars belief that “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth", ACI solves all queries in a concise and transparent manner with a high degree of accuracy.Its well trained,experienced professionals with specialised skills are equipped with sophisticated survelliance gadgets to meet the changes and challenges of this modern era of technology.

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Doubt is a poison that disintegrates relationships and breaks up faith and friendships.It can only be cleared by action.There could be a lot of doubts that may be troubling you. You may be suspicious of your spouse, friend or business partner. You may be having doubts about the behavior and integrity of your employee(s).All these doubts can only be cleared by proper but discreet verification . And ACI is the one you can depend upon to find the truth.

The detectives in Mumbai at ACI are smart and resourceful. They are well trained professionals who have years of experience and expertise in surveillance as a means of gathering intelligence and evidence discreetly.They will shadow the suspect and monitor and document all their activities using technologically advanced gadgets and devices.They submit an un-biased and detailed report fast and accurately along with evidence in the form of video or photographs that strengthens the credibility of the investigation .These reports are written in alegally presentable format and can be produced as authentic evidence in the court of law,if the need arises.

Your spouse might be having an affair or your friend or employee may be involved in something which might harm you; no matter what the hidden secrets are, ACI helps you uncover them all-discreetly,legally and at a very economical rate.

Pre Marital Investigation - Detective in Mumbai

Detective for Pre Marital Investigation

Detective in Mumbai - Marriage is a very important landmark in an individuals life and it determines to a large extend whether you would lead a happy or unhappy life for the major part of your life.Finding the right life partner would mean years of happiness and bliss and similarly a wrong life partner would result in years of unhappiness and living in hell.
Statistics have proven that more than 50% of information provided before marriage is either false or not totally true .Information like, Education Qualifications, Employment, Business, Financial status, Family Background, Social status and Habits like Drinking, Smoking, Gambling, Criminal Record, Flirting, Sexual preferences etc, can be source of major financial stress besides having a far reaching psychological impact on both the partners. It is therefore always wise to verify claims made and know more about the person with whom you are going to tie the knot.

Pre-Matrimonial Investigations are usually broken down into 2 different categories :

  • Standard Investigation
  • Specific Investigation.

The Standard Verification has approximately 30 different checks that we carry out on the prospective bride or groom ranging from and not limited to Financial Status, current Love Affairs, Habits and Vices, Social Behavior and Standing, Attitude, Family Background and History, etc.
The Specific Verification is usually dependent on what exactly the client is looking for:

  • The client could want to know if the degree certification given by the bride or groom is actually genuine or fake.
  • Concealed previous Marriage / Divorce decree given by the court is genuine or fake. Investigate the prospective bride / groom's current and where-ever possible Past Relationship/s.
  • Investigate Employment,Financial Status.
  • Investigate Family Background,Credibility and History

ACI helps you avoid unhappy married life with its thorough and accurate pre marital investigations.


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