Honey Trapping

To get the most valuable secrets from a person or in getting to know the real character test of a person, Honey Trapping has been one of the oldest techniques of detective investigations.

It refers to the investigation involving the use of intimate or romantic relationships for interpersonal espionage. This involves making a contact with a resourceful person or someone under test and then makes them enticed by a trapper into a fake relationship to gather the information or create any desired influence. Generally the female operatives are depicted in media for the purpose but Honey Trapping operations involve the use of both the genders and such incidents have been recorded worldwide. Mention of this strategy is found in several historical contexts and even in ancient and medieval history for various kinds of political espionage.

Private Detectives are now hired by peoples to test their spouse for the suspicion of extra-marital affairs and get the evidence for the same.


While the political or higher-level operations take well-organized planning with very specialized agents with plans, the personal investigation for testing a person is a little simple. The investigation starts with a prior consultation between the detective agency and the client and as per the deliberated plan, the investigator is introduced to the subject under test. The agent then tries to communicate in their way and establishes contact. Perplexing them in conversation, the agent organizes another meeting which is a crucial and deciding step. In that meeting the theme of the conversation is relationships and developing relations in real life. All the conversations and activities are recorded for the evidence and are provided to the client.

Apart from such investigation of the partner, private detective agencies also test the veracity of a person with whom you are committing for a relationship. Many times such honey traps are initiated for businessmen and other persons having important information. If one suspects that a person who is trying to be friendly or looking for a long term relationship is worthy or not, then the best private detective agency in Mumbai is for your help by clearing the suspicions.


As this is a very sensitive issue and a single wrong step can lead to turmoil in your personal life, then it is advised to seek expert professional help which has rich experience in handling such investigation. Skilled detectives with a rich database are required because more than one person is involved in getting evidence for such case and perfect coordination and clear understanding of the situation is essential. Moreover, the detectives must be so dexterous that they never leave a clue behind and never make others sense that a spy is there on a mission.

One more thing to make sure is the complete confidentiality maintenance by the agency about your personal information. If your partner passes the ‘litmus test’ then even it is required that agency never discloses any information to anyone ever in life. Because the leakage of such information, that you ever ran a detective test on your partner will harm the mutual trust. All these attributes make Accent Confidential investigations the best private detective agency in Mumbai.