Strategies of a successful Surveillance Operation

To get you the best possible evidence for the facts and information you need to get, our dedicated team of skilled detectives, carry out surveillance operations, facing many difficulties. Many times they have to look for 24 hours to get a single pic while staying on-road or some other place, and also have to make sure that no one gets a hint of their task. Moreover, even after such hard efforts, there is no guarantee of the success of their operation. Still, they give their best for your interests and unearth the truth which was covered dexterously.

There are some specially developed strategies that we deploy for ensuring success without giving a clue to anyone.

1. Choosing the spot carefully:

This practice is not as easy as it sounds because getting an unobstructed view is also associated with the chances of getting caught. Moreover in the majority of the chances, such ‘perfect spots’ don’t exist. The best strategy is to check at the public places or some property for sale nearby. If that’s not possible then we park the vehicle in the middle space of two houses. Both the homeowners then think that car has arrived at the neighbor’s home.

2. Vehicle:

Standing out in open and getting seen is the worst practice in the detective sphere. The car must be selected in a way that it blends with the background & ambiance naturally and such camouflage is perfect for such operation. The vehicle must not be too attractive to get the attention and must also not be dilapidated so that peoples watch that funny item in amaze.

3. Know more and more about the subject:

Relying alone on the information provided by the client is not essential for real-life surveillance. The client must be exhaustively interviewed for each and every minute detail

4. Comprehensive analysis of Social Media Accounts:

Apart from the information from the client, we also study the social media accounts and analyses it rigorously. The persons in close contacts, the recent places visited, other peoples in pictures, tagging, likes, events, etc. are some important clues to follow.

5. Notifying the local authorities:

The local in-charge & even police personnel are also informed about the operations so that they don’t mess with in midst of the work. See, such interactions can also have a negative impact but our strong networks and collaborations with such authorities let us carry on the surveillance operation without any hurdle. Our detectives also have large contacts with authorities which many times also provide them valuable information which proves to be fairly advantageous in the task.


Surveillance is considered the heart of detective operations and is also the most demanding part. It requires the skills, patience, and diligence to get the important things for the project. Though proficiency and experience have no alternate but deploying these effective strategies will prove to be of great help in the operations.

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