Test your partner’s loyalty with evidence.

The so-called modern era we live in has treasons and knavery at all the steps. The most expensive gift which one can now expect is loyalty. This literary statement will strike the hearts of a majority of the persons now, because of the truthfulness and an important message it conveys. Infidelity in the relationship is the root cause of more than 70% of all Indian divorces. Moreover, as cheating is hard to be proved, several such cases are lodged in the garb of domestic violence.

Sudden changes in the lifestyle and traits of your life partner coupled with lessening in that intimate spark which used to be in the initial days, raises concern and make one suspect. If you are sensing some signs of infidelity then must look forward to clear the suspicion for your partner with ACI

Our Private detective agency can clear your doubt regarding all such suspicions and even if there are not any such signs, it’s prudential to check the true facet and tendency of your partner before the things get out of control. ACI always suggests for a Pre-Matrimonial Investigations to eliminate the chances of woes before vows, but if you missed it, then we can run such tests for you even after tying of the knot.

Based on the host of benefits offered and the effectiveness is solving the most mysterious-looking cases with a success rate of 100%, ACI is considered as the best private detective agency in Mumbai. In the private investigation sphere of testing the loyalty we assist you in:

1. Getting strong evidence to prove the fact:

Regarding your suspicion, our skilled detectives get the most effective proofs of proving the point. Moreover, many things can prove the fact to you but are rejected by the courts and law in their proceedings. Our private detectives have in-depth knowledge to get the right & acceptable thing.

2. Honey Trapping Service to get the real-facet & information:

If you want to check the true nature of your spouse, then ACI has the most effective strategy of honey-trapping, which has never failed hither-to. With our rich experience, we figure out the things in initial steps only, and based on that lay the plan to prove that it to you as well.

3. Support and assistance at all the steps:

We work for the best interests of our clients and always suggest to them what is good for them. Apart from it, we assist you in complex paperwork and cumbersome legal proceedings as well.

4. Complete Privacy Maintenance:

The sensitiveness of this issue needs no introduction and the leakage of information that you ran such a test on your life partner can create a huge turmoil in your personal life. For the sake of this, we assure our clients with 100% confidentiality in engagements with us. Even after the project completion we never reveal the information of our clients. Our skilled detectives never leave a single clue behind and let no one sense that a detective is here on some mission. With ACI nobody will ever be able to know that you ran a detective test anywhere, at any point in life.