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Wanna Hire Detective in Powai Mumbai?

detective-for-personal-investigationACI (accent confidential investigation) provides you with one of the best services according to your needs. We here offer excellent Detective in Powai Mumbai with highly professional investigation services we assure you to give the 100% result within the given timeframe.

When you are handling your case to someone, you need to be very careful because you will have to share your confidential details with them so can’t just trust anyone when it comes to your privacy. So in that case Detective in Powai Mumbai is most trustworthy. We assure you that your secrets are safe with us so you can feel restful.

Why is Detective in Powai Mumbai the best?

There are few factors in Detective in Powai Mumbai, which make us different from other agencies, and those factors have helped us to be among the best agencies all over the country.

  • Reliability - when it comes to trust and to respect your privacy that is our basic policy, we are highly professional and keep all the information very confidential because your comfort is our priority.
  • Excellence - At Detective in Powai Mumbai, we offer you the best detective with unquestionable capabilities and extraordinary skills that will never disappoint you.
  • Ethical conduct- we treat our clients with honesty, fairness, and dignity, and we make sure that our clients are comfortable.
  • Flexibility - Detective in Powai Mumbai offers you the most flexible deals here in terms of pricing we are negotiable at times. Our prices according to your budget and also our working hours are 24/7 we are at your service always so you can inquire about us anytime you want.

About Detective in Powai Mumbai

Detective in Powai Mumbai has highly experienced professionals with experience of 9 years. The founder of Detective in Powai Mumbai is ShaileshManjekar in the year 2005. Detective in Powai Mumbai is one of the most reputed agencies in Mumbai with high-quality results to our clients within the assured timeframe.

Type of detective services being provided

  • Personal investigation
  • Highly personal investigation
  • Business investigation
  • Professional business investigation
  • Functioning of Detective in Powai Mumbai

We are highly professional with our investigation services; we follow some protocol and work according to them, keeping our clients’ detail confidential. We will update you about your case progress, and you can enquire about your case whenever you want.

We try to maintain a long-term relationship with our clients by providing them with good services according to their needs in their affordable budget.

Our Detective in Powai Mumbai works in transparency. You can keep a check on us, and you will not be misguided. So you can rely on us and can feel stress-free because we are at your service.


ACI has maintained its position in this industry for nine years, and our services are according to the customers’ wishes. Detective in Powai Mumbai is a branch of ACI that is well established in that area. So you can trust us we will never disappoint you with our services.